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Seminar by Tom Miranda at 3:00 pm on April 5, before the banquet.

36th Annual Awards Banquet &

Guest Speaker Tom Miranda

Tom MirandaFrom humble beginnings as a school boy trapper, Tom Miranda has taken his love of the outdoors and turned it into the career of a lifetime.

Running trap lines near his home town of suburban Columbus, Ohio… Tom Learned the ways of the wilds. Catching muskrats, mink and raccoon…Tom learned to love nature in these early years, to respect and cherish it.

After high school, when many graduates went off to college, Tom was off to the wilds of Michigan’s Upper peninsula……. to build his own log cabin and launch his professional trapping career. Questioning parents and confused friends maybe didn’t understand, but Tom Miranda knew that his life pursuit was found along the streams and in the wild places.

Several years later, Tom found himself in South Dakota, working as a government trapper and hunter.. Mastering the art of trapping and honing his skills. These bold steps have since led to authoring 7 books, over 60 how to trapping and hunting videos and eventually the chance to host his own adventure television show.

In 1992, Tom became the Adventurous Saturday morning bowhunter on ESPN. The “Outdoor Adventure Magazine” TV series took Tom around the globe on exciting expeditions, and his viewers followed. Hunting whitetails one week, ducks the next…Tom added his own twist of adventure to each show by adding some adrenaline excitement. Bungie jumping, skydiving, top gun school..

If it was exciting and dangerous… Tom Miranda was doing it.

An accomplished bowhunter, Miranda has taken sixty plus whitetails on video and the Super Slam® North American Big Game animals with archery tackle. If it’s big game bowhunting... Miranda likely has done it, including African Elephant, Hippo and Cape Buffalo.

As an outdoor television producer, Miranda is known as one of the best. His award winning series have appeared on ESPN for 20 consecutive seasons as well as on numerous other networks. Using creative story telling supported by dramatic footage and creative editing, Tom Miranda’s series continue to sit atop the Nielsen Television ratings at each network his series appear. Miranda has produced nearly 1000 individual TV episodes in his long broadcast career and knows the in’s and out’s of the Television market place.

Tom’s latest TV venture is Mathews “Territories Wild” a fast paced hunting documentary that chronicles Miranda’s adventure bow hunts around the globe..

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