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Hello Friends of the ABA!

We are excited to announce that our Quarterly Magazine will be going through some changes and updates this year, with the goal of bringing you applicable content, stunning visuals, and more of everything bow hunting! We ask that our members and supporters seriously consider contributing articles about hunting, bow fishing, conservation, tips of the trade, and the craftsmanship of bows, arrows and other key tools and elements of this wonderful lifestyle. Magazines will be mailed to our current members only, so be sure to check your membership status at and renew if needed!

Below are details about article length, subjects etc.

DEADLINE for the July 2024 magazine  submission is June 15th  2024!


Recent stories are preferred, but not required. Did you have an epic adventure on a hunt you would like to share? Great! Did you have a hard hunt that was unsuccessful but had valuable lessons learned? Wonderful! We are interested in reviewing articles about all types of experiences and hunts.

If you have an applicable article or topic that you would like to share with our readers, please let us know and we can discuss and review it. We are still shaping our categories so are open to ideas and input.

Other topics we would love to see are below:

    • Alaskan Conservation, past, present, or future
    • Area Specific Stories ( Alaska areas of interest or particular challenge)
    • Bow and Arrow Care and Repair
    • Arrow Making or Arrowhead Discussion
    • How to handle Harsh Environments on a Hunt
    • Scent Control
    • Best Recipes for Caribou ( or other Game )
    • Hunt Planning Do's and Don'ts
    • Calling or Baiting Stories or Techniques
    • Finding Game Best Practices
    • Best Public Land Tactics
    • Emergency Prep and Execution
    • Stalk and Camp Techniques or Stories
    • Float Hunting Trip Stories ( or tips on how to Float Hunt safely)
    • Shooting Techniques for a successful Hunt
    • Fair Chase Philosophy
    • Hunting Experiences ( any Animal )
    • Bow Fishing
    • Youth Hunting Stories
    • Funniest Hunting Incident or Joke
    • How Bow hunting has shaped your life

Our Magazine will also include Legislative Updates, Exciting Developments on our Outdoor Range,

Details on Wildlife Habitat, Bow hunting Resources and more!


Please follow the guidelines outlined below:

    • Be certain your writing focuses on the topic. Write so that the article can be easily read and understood as it moves toward the conclusion.
    • Whenever you refer to sources (books, articles, etc.), be certain that you include an end note (not a footnote) with full reference.
    • Submit the article in the following manner:
      • Article Length: 600-2000 words. Longer, more substantial articles will be considered first.
      • The article should have the title of the article, your name at the top and be double-spaced.
      • Send it as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word format.
      • If requested, send a copy of all references.
      • Upon receipt of your article, we will acknowledge that it has arrived at our office. At that time the review and evaluation process will begin.
      • We will notify you of our decision once the review process is completed.
      • Send any images as an e-mail attachment in Jpeg or PNG Format

Email Submissions or questions to:

Excited to see what our members have to share!

Thank you for your contribution!
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